About Us

sunset + pine was built on a mission to help educate consumers on sustainability.  The concept was created by Kirsten Maas, a Naples resident and mother, who found a need to bring something meaningful to the area.

We searched the globe to find the best children’s clothing designers against fast fashion.  Our ultimate goal is recyclability.  Garments should be timeless and circular providing the option for resale and a hand me down quality.

 We believe in shopping thoughtfully and intentionally, keeping the next generation in mind.  

 The apparel industry is the fourth largest polluter of air and water on Earth. There is no such thing as a fully ethically product, but we choose to support designers who are doing their part to make a positive impact, on the planet, the workers, and our surrounding communities.

 All of our brand partners follow best practices and strive to be part of the solution. 

 Wear the change you want to see.


Kirsten + Logan